The 2014 Season is here!
First Spring membership meeting: Sunday, April 6, 1 PM - The House of Pizza and Calzone, 132 Union Street bet. Hicks and Columbia

Our Spring garden clean up will be Sunday, April 13 10 AM-12 PM - there will be another meeting and orientation at the Urban Meadow after the clean up from 12:30-1:30.

Gardening at the Urban Meadow - Current Projects

The Urban Meadow began its life as a garbage strewn lot choked by weeds as high as an elephant's eye. Though the lot belonged to the New York City Parks Department, it had not been developed.  Through the efforts of community members working with Parks, the lot was cleared of garbage in 2008 and a temporary wildflower garden and grassy space was created.

The space was named the "Cabrini Green Urban Meadow" and eventually was turned over to the community and became an official community garden under Greenthumb NYC.

For information about joining the Urban Meadow go to here. We welcome members to become involved in the garden.  If you know about gardening, come share your advice and expertise.  If you don't know anything about gardening, come learn and pitch in.  You don't need an already operative green thumb or tools of your own, we're all learning as we go.  We have regular gardening sessions, particularly during the spring on Sundays from 10 AM - 12 PM and really need volunteers to help out.
Some of the garden projects we are working on now include:

2012-2013 projects.  Continuing with the donation to the Urban Meadow by Barrett Design & Development, LLC, we bought new picnic tables, supplies and equipment including a new lawn mower, and hundreds of new plants, bushes, trees and bulbs.

In 2013, members installed a blue stone path and a beautiful pergola was installed.  Both of these projects were made possible through the donation from Barrett Design & Development.

New landscaping and beautification 2011. Through the advocacy of City Councilmember Brad Lander and the generosity of Barrett Design & Development, LLC, the developer of 25 Carroll Street around the corner from the Meadow, Barrett Design has made a donation of $20,000 to help beautify and landscape the Urban Meadow.

This donation reflects the commitment of the Councilman and Barrett Design to open recreational space for our neighborhood and to the idea that companies who do business in our communities also support the interests of the people who live there.

All of the details of this project are still being worked out but we are so thrilled about this and believe that it also reflects an acknowledgement of how the Urban Meadow (alongside other local gardens, parks, and community groups) has worked to provide activities and enjoyment to benefit our community.

UPDATE October 2011: We have begun the preparations for laying a new path in the Meadow with the help of this funding.  Members have rototilled sections of the garden and have begun to dig out paths in preparation to put in sand/gravel as a base and then lay bluestone to create paths.

Composting.  The Meadow is beginning a new composting program in Spring 2011.  We have been given a grant through Partnership for Parks and We're thrilled to announce that our project has been fully funded!

Composting allows us to recycle garden scraps and household waste and use the resulting compost for the Meadow's garden. We can reduce the waste we toss out from the Meadow and our homes, and use organic compost to enrich the soil at the Meadow.

Our plan is to pilot the household waste program with a group of 10 members of the Urban Meadow, and then expand to include all members by the summer.

UPDATE: October 2011 - Our composters have been purchased, assembled and installed in the Meadow.  We are laying a foundation of dried brown material right now and will add in garden scraps and then kitchen scraps when this is done.

Mass bulb planting.  We have purchased and will be planting hundreds of flowering bulbs this fall for a spectacular display next spring.