The 2014 Season is here!
First Spring membership meeting: Sunday, April 6, 1 PM - The House of Pizza and Calzone, 132 Union Street bet. Hicks and Columbia

Our Spring garden clean up will be Sunday, April 13 10 AM-12 PM - there will be another meeting and orientation at the Urban Meadow after the clean up from 12:30-1:30.

About the Urban Meadow/Information on Joining

The Urban Meadow is a community garden, under the auspices of the New York City Parks Department Greenthumb NYC division.  We are run completely by volunteers and have a small group of coordinators who organize the Meadow's activities.  Individuals and families can join the Urban Meadow (details below).

All proceeds from membership fees, fees for parties and other events and fundraising go straight back into the Meadow.  The money is used to buy grass seed, plants for the garden, tools and supplies like sprinklers to water the Meadow, new hoses, shovels, gardening gloves, and items like chairs, benches, and to support the many activities we organize for the community. We receive assistance and some supplies from Greenthumb, but the rest is all through our fundraising efforts and donations we have received from the community.

Information for the public

Visitors are free to enjoy the Urban Meadow any time the gates are unlocked. Open hours generally begin in mid to late April and continue through October when the garden is open 10 AM- 8 PM from Thursday-Sunday.  Under Greenthumb rules, community gardens are required to be open to the public at least 20 hours a week.  As long at the garden is treated with respect the Urban Meadow is happy to be able to share our space with the public more often than that.  The Meadow is a wonderful space for the whole community - in order to help maintain and take care of the space we have the following rules:
  • There are NO dogs allowed in the Urban Meadow.  The Meadow is not a public park.  We like pets too, but absolutely do not allow them in the garden for what we hope are obvious reasons.
  • Users must remain on the grass or on the garden path. If you come with children, kindly make certain that they do not go into the garden or pull on tree branches.
  • Clean up all litter when you leave
  • DO NOT pick the flowers! They are planted, fundraised for, paid for and maintained by Urban Meadow members
  • People are free to picnic in the Urban Meadow and play games, but be mindful always of the fact that it is a garden and the flowers, trees, shrubs and grass must not be damaged.
Joining the Urban Meadow

Memberships are now open for the 2014 season. Please contact us to inquire about joining at urban
General information about joining is below.

Former members may renew and new members may join at the beginning of the season - starting in mid-March through the end of April. Individuals and families may join the Meadow.  The dues are $25 per individual/family for the duration of the season from April to October. 

Member privileges and responsibilities
  • Upon paying the yearly fee Members receive keys to the Meadow’s gate and to the Meadow's storage shed
  • Members may unlock the gates and enjoy the space at any time between 8 AM - 8 PM and freely use any of the items in the shed. Please take care of equipment in the shed as it is the property of the Urban Meadow.  If something breaks, please let the coordinators know so that it can be replaced. If you take items out of the shed, make sure you put everything back before you leave. There is dangerous equipment in the tool shed, so we cannot allow children in the shed.
  • Scheduling events at the Urban MeadowUrban Meadow members may schedule events and parties through a shared Google calendar after the yearly fee is paid and paperwork is filled out. The fee for parties is $40. Members are free to use all equipment during parties. 
  • The fire hydrant on Van Brunt Street is the Meadow's source of water. If you use the hydrant to run a sprinkler, the wrench and cap MUST be returned to the shed and the water must be turned off when you leave, unless there is a prior arrangement to water the garden. 
  • Organizing activities - members are welcome to organize fun activities for the Meadow - music, arts and crafts, yoga, etc.  We also welcome members of the community to present activities in the garden, just write to the coordinators at
  • Other events/larger parties for outside organizations may occasionally be scheduled at the Meadow at the discretion of the coordinators - please write to Please note, that though the Urban Meadow is an open space that we are happy to share with the community, it is not a park, it is a community garden, therefore you may not schedule an event at the Meadow through the Parks Department's permit process.  In addition, any time the garden is open, the public may come in - there is no way to close the Meadow for an entirely private affair.
Minimum Requirements for Membership
  • Commit to at least one gardening session per month - these are generally held on weekends Sundays from 10 AM - 12 PM and weekdays (members will get a full schedule).  Gardening sessions are held April-June, take a break for the summer and then September-October. 
  • Assist with other garden tasks such as watering the garden, mowing the grass, locking and unlocking the gate in the morning and evening, etc. Members are always encouraged to bring friends along to help garden.
  • Assist with at least one community event during the season (concerts, Halloween parade, etc.) - this usually means helping organizing the event and helping with set up and staffing tables to sell t-shirts and baked goods at events.
  • Of course we hope that people will help out even more often, but this is the minimum we ask.

Policies and procedures for the Meadow sometimes develop as the season goes on and coordinators will inform all Members of any changes or additions.  We welcome Member input on all Meadow activities and policies.

Urban Meadow contact information: Currently the four co-coordinators of the Meadow are Tamar Smith, Michael Golub, Tracey Kitzman and Sarah Stewart. Coordinators can be reached for questions at  

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