August 31, 2010

Fall music - the September edition of the Red Hook Jazz Festival is coming up!

Last week there was a beautiful crisp tinge of fall in the air - as you gear up for school/ work/ and maybe cooler weather, you can also make plans for another great jazz show at the Urban Meadow. Here's what's in store:

Red Hook Jazz Festival, Sunday, September 19, Noon – 6:00pm, $5.00 per adult/free for kids (all proceeds from the show go to support the activities of the Urban Meadow). 

From traditional jazz to latin jazz to the avant-garde, the RHJF is a showcase for outstanding (mostly) local talent in a fun outdoor setting. This is the amazing line-up for the Sept. 19th show:

IDEAL BREAD plays the music of Steve Lacy






For announcements and updates about this show see

See here for directions to the Urban Meadow.

August 3, 2010

Water, water nowhere

This has been an incredibly dry summer - very little rainfall in June and July and our gardens and street trees are suffering because of the conditions.  We water the Urban Meadow through a hook-up on a fire hydrant on the sidewalk outside the Meadow, with the permission of the FDNY and with water barrels which would collect rain if there was any!

The difficulty of keeping up with the water needs of a huge garden are evident when you take a look at the Meadow's garden portion and the grass and trees, like plants all over the city, are very dry and suffering.

Here's an idea for reusing water for your backyard, window boxes and to care for street trees during a very dry period: after you bathe your kids, instead of letting the water drain out of the tub, use the water to irrigate street trees and gardens - when the kids are done with their bath, bring a few gallons out to your back yard or to water the trees in front of your house - the water just has a little kid dirt and some mild soap in it and is perfectly alright to water plants with.  I did this recently and the kids loved carrying water from the bath out to the back yard and to the sidewalk to care for the trees.  Now if we could only get everyone in the neighborhood to carry their bath water to the Meadow!